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Our Project Portfolio

Assisted Living

Aster Assisted Living

 64 Units  $630,000  Madison, WI

Comfort Paks, Furnace Split systems, and general exhaust.

Brookdale Senior Living

 65 units  $800,000  Madison, WI

A combination of Furnace split systems for the common areas and individual VTAC units for the resident rooms.

New Glarus Home

 45,300  $1,100,000  New Glarus, WI

Hot Water Heat, VAV's, AHU's, DDC Controls, Boilers, RTU's


CPM Healthgrades

 54,000  $680,000  Middleton, WI

Rtu's, Electric VAV's, DDC Controls


Lodi Primary School

 72,800  $1,500,000  Lodi, WI

Hot Water Heat, VAV's, AHU's, Water Cooled Chiller, Kitchen Exhaust, DDC Controls


Union Corners Clinic

 68,000  $1,525,000  Madison, WI

Hot Water VAV System, RTU's, DDC Controls

Belleville Clinic

 21,000  $300,000  Belleville, WI

Hot Water VAV System, AHU's, DDC Controls, Energy Recovery

Multi Family/Hospitality

2550 University Ave

 148 Units  $1,400,000  Madison, WI

Water Source Heat Pumps, Cooling Tower, Boilers, General Exhaust, Energy Recovery,

The Lux

 160 Units  $1,100,000  Madison, WI

Ductless Split Heat Pumps, Parking Garage Ventilation, Make Up Air

University Crossing

 118 Units  $950,000  Madison, WI

Furnace Split Systems, RTU's, Make-up Air, Parking Garage Exhaust


Verona Fire and EMS

 45,000  $1,100,000  Verona, WI

Geothermal, Water Source Heat Pumps, Four Pipe Fan Coil Systems,

Jefferson EMS

 10,900  $190,000  Jefferson, WI

Hot Water Heat, VAV's, DDC Controls, Boilers, Radiant In Floor,

Religious Centers

Door Creek Church Addition

 42,000  $800,000  Cottage Grove, WI

Hot Water VAV System, Rooftop Units, Boilers

St Pauls Catholic Center

 45,000  $775,000  Madison, WI

Hot Water VAV, DDC Controls, RTU's, AHU's, Boilers

St James Church Addition

 24,000  $300,000  Verona, WI

Furnace Split Systems, ERV, MUA


Red Sushi

 4,300  $151,000  Madison, WI

Furnace Split Systems, Commercial Kitchen Exhaust, MUA

HuHot Mongolian Grill

 4,750  $100,000  Janesville, WI

RTU's, Commercial Kitchen Exhaust, Make-up Air Units

Glaze Teriyaki

 1728  $120,000  Madison WI

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust, Make-up air, Exhaust Air Scrubber, Water Source Heat Pump

Specialty Projects

UW Pharmacy Enterprise Building

 34,631  1,600,000  Middleton, WI

Hot Water VAV System, AHU's, Clean Room Space, DDC Controls

Marcus Cinema

 72,800  $750,000  Sun Prairie, WI

Roof Top Units, General Exhaust, Commercial Kitchen Exhaust and Make-up Air