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Goldstar Program

Get priority service with our free GoldStar program! - Complete Peace of Mind.

When you join Harker Heating & Cooling’s FREE “Gold Star Program”, you’ll immediately save $$ on your annual heating and cooling tune-ups!

As a member of the FREE Gold Star Program, you’ll get 24/7 priority service.

The Goldstar Program has many benefits:

  • Extended Equipment Life
  • Maximum Equipment Efficiency
  • Reduced Equipment Breakdowns
  • Safe Equipment Operation
  • $20 Off Diagnostics Charge
  • 10% Off Parts and Labor
  • 24/7 Priority Service

To become a Goldstar customer, simply fill out the following form. One month prior to your scheduled maintenance appointment, you will receive a postcard with a scheduled service date. This will allow you to adjust your calendar or to call and schedule a time more convenient to you.

Continuous preventive maintenance has a proven record of adding 5-10 years to the life of your equipment if maintained from the date of the original installation. Preventive maintenance allows your equipment to run as efficiently as possible, saving you money on your energy bills and can also reduce the inconvenience of costly equipment breakdowns.

We look forward to working with you to improve and maintain the indoor air quality in your home.

Please call with any questions or concerns you may have.

Goldstar - Complete Peace of Mind

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