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We’re devoted to you!

We’re devoted to the highest standards when it comes to our customers, staff, and partners. We offer a wide range of services including, heating, cooling, indoor air quality, humidification control, water heater repair, service, and replacement to name a few.  We also specialize in fireplaces.

We service Dane County.  So if you’re in Deforest, Waunakee, Sun Prairie, Token Creek, Windsor, M/our-services/heating/Middleton, Madison, Verona, Oregon, Stoughton, McFarland, and Fitchburg, you’re right in the heart of our service area.

We offer 24/7 Emergency Service.  That means we’re always here for you.  No matter the time of day, or the type of service we offer to you, you are what is most important to us.  You and our staff are at the core of our business.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services and products to our customers.  Our goal is to offer you the very best service and products at a fair and value driven price. From heating and cooling, to plumbing, air quality, and fireplaces, we’ve got the experts you’ve been looking for.  The name, “Harker Heating & Cooling,” is just the beginning.


This is Wisconsin. Heat is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Your furnace was built to last.  But just like your car, it needs a little TLC along he way.  routine maintenance can help improve ...
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Your air conditioner was built to last.  But just like your car, it needs a little TLC along he way.  routine maintenance can help improve the longevity of your furnace.  But, as we all know, your air conditioner is going ...
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Air Quality

The quality of the air inside of your home is important for your comfort and your health.  Poor indoor air quality can be linked to minor ailments such as headaches and irritation of the eyes, ears, and nose.  There are ...
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Water Heaters

On average, a typical family of 4 will use more than 2000 gallons of hot water each month.  It's important that your equipment is running at its finest.  Water Heaters can become safety concerns, all be them minor, if they break down, ...
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Water Heaters & Softeners

Dread that early morning cold shower? Harker can help. With licensed plumbers on staff we can make sure your home's hot water system is running properly. Having trouble getting a good lather? Hard water is water that contains an excessive ...
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