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Radiant Heat

Everybody know that heat rises, that is why it is always a good idea to distribute it as low to the ground as possible. You cannot get any lower than your floor. Radiant heat systems use a boiler to run warm water through tubes in your floor which rises up and heats the entire room. Radiant heat can be used throughout an entire house but is more commonly used in basements and bathrooms. Check out what Harker can do for you. Your toes will thank you come wintertime.

Note: Radiant floor heat must tie into a boiler. To see examples of our boiler equipment visit Harker Boiler Products

What Makes Radiant Heating Ideal for Human Comfort?
Science shows that heat emission from the human body occurs mainly via three mechanisms: radiation, evaporation and convection. Humans feel most comfortable when they can regulate at least 50% of their heat emission via radiation, and when their feet are warmer than their heads.

Radiant heating systems provide heat on the basis of low heating surface temperatures over a large area and an even air temperature distribution with mild, comfortable radiated energy. In contrast to conventional forced-air systems, a radiative equillibrium is generated between people and the surfaces throughout the room, more closely achieving the optimum thermal comfort level for occupants.

Modern Innovation
Using modern polymer solutions, REHAU has perfected the application of first century discoveries to twenty-first century homes and buildings. We’ve taken the premise of this relatively simple technology and developed a modern system that circulates warm water through a network of polymer pipes placed in the floor, wall or ceiling. Heat gently radiates to warm surfaces, objects and air in the room, creating a comfortable environment.

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