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Furnace and ac sale
March 5, 2019

Seasonal Deals in the HVAC Industry – BOGO=NOGO

As spring comes knocking on our door steps this time of year, our industry will typically see a dip in service and replacement calls.   Service calls are somewhat dictated by the weather.  Replacement calls can be influenced with sales, and why not?  That’s why we offer our annual sale.  Early spring and early fall are typically our slower periods, and the times where most companies have more aggressive pricing.   For the most part, it’s true that if you replace a furnace and air conditioner at the same time, it will tend to be cheaper.  It’s as simple as saving on labor.  It takes one less trip and one less ‘set-up’ to install them both at the same time.

What should you be aware of this time of year in regards to furnace and air conditioner sales?
BUY AN AIR CONDITIONER AND GET THE FURNACE – FREE!!!  At the end of the day, the pricing between a BOGO from one company and the sale price from another company may be the same.  Remember that there is no such thing as “free” (unless it’s a thermostat or something smaller).  Companies will offer buy one get one free programs as a way to get in the door.  They will then sell you an air conditioner, for example, that is highly priced, usually more ‘air conditioner’ than you need, in order to sink the cost of the furnace into that number.  In short, the air conditioner price goes up to “full retail’ in order to recoup the cost of that “free” furnace.

How do you use your leverage to reduce the cost of buying a system?

  • Unless you trust your contractor, always try to get bids from multiple businesses.  Mention to all of the companies you are getting pricing from and seeking bids from other companies.  You might get that best price sooner.
  • Is this the best you can do?  Always mention that you would like their best price.  It never hurts to ask, right?

To Repair or Replace?
The question is very real for many homeowners.  Here is a short video to help you determine:  Repair or Replace?

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