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Harker Heating & Cooling, Inc. frequently offers special savings coupons for a variety of the services we perform on furnaces, air conditioners and other HVAC products. Check back often as the specials are changed frequently.

Annual Furnace and Air Conditioner Sale

Specials are for residential customers only.  Prices are based on a standard installation.  Ductwork, lineset, thermostat, and other work is not included.  This cannot be combined with any other offers.  Terms subject to change without notice.  Valid in Dane County only.  Please set up an in-home estimate for a quote.  Call us at 608 255 6902.  This pricing is not good on emergency service installations.

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Here are some of our seasonal offers.  They are time sensitive as this is our slow season.  Please take advantage of these offers as soon as you can.

Furnace Sale

Aprilaire Air Cleaner Promotion – Save $197

Sign up for a free Air Cleaner estimate and get $197 off your purchase of an Aprilaire 5000 Air Cleaner.
  • Eliminates 98% of airborne bacteria-sized particles and fungi
  • Removes 98% of pet dander and respirable dust, which can trigger asthma
  • Captures 95% of airborne particles the size of tobacco smoke and smog
  • Traps 99% of airborne pollenmold, and spore-sized particles
  • Captures and kills particles less than a micron in size (up to 120 times smaller than a human hair)
  • Performs 24 hours a day or on demand
  • Prevents dust build up in your house
  • Includes an air cleaner controller
  • Maximizes the life of your heating and cooling equipment
  • Improves energy savings by keeping your HVAC equipment clean

Aprilaire 5000 Air Cleaner




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